June 14th, 2006


LOST gushing and Tea ranting

I recenly (3 days ago) discovered the tv show 'LOST'.
I know...better late than never, uh?
But I always turned my nose at the whole phenomenon, it sounded too much like a stupid 'Survivor' spin off, and I always hated Survivor so...
It all started with a friend talking about the Season 2 Final... then one day I was bored, started flipping through clips from the Ellen Show on YouTube (I freaking LOVE that show) and I found a clip of Evangeline Lilly on it. Damn her, the girl was funny and charismatic!
I decided to look for other interviews and...long story short, I checked out the first episode and I became instantly HOOKED.
I found the first 12 episodes on DVD on sale so I grabbed it up (remaining with just 5 euros in my wallet... Genius, uh?).
Now I'm onto episode 4, but I had to cut it down cause I'm supposed to be studying!

Seriously why do Hooking New Things ALWAYS, without fail, happen when I'm on Exam Rush?
So not fair...

Changing the subject...
Something rather  shocking happened to me. No seriously, I mean it!
I found an absolutely, utterly DISGUSTING variety of tea. I've seriously never tasted something quite as vomit-inducing as Jamsine Chinese Tea. EWW! EWW! EWW!!!
I went to bed after it feeling nauseous, and the day after just thinking about it made me gag again.
For a tea junkie as myself, this is quite a disappointment, esp since I usually love Chinese tea.

So a word of advice: if you ever feel the need to taste Jasmine Chinese Tea, PLEASE don't do it.
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