June 19th, 2006


As if you didn't know already that I'm a drama queen...

I'm still trying to recover from the shock and embarrassment of Saturday night.
Tying with the USA, at FOOTBALL.
Situation is bad already, and it's made worst by the fact that some of my US friends are making sure I don't live down the humiliation...
If I ever crossed Italy's coach on the street I'd tear him a new one for sure, put there a boy playing FantaFootball and he would probably assemble a better team...

Ok. Change of subject, this is too upsetting and I refuse to think about the next decisive game.
The weather got hot and humid all of a sudden, today was insane. Being home felt claustrophobic today, but it was due... exam on wednesday. T.T

How are you girls doing?
Haven't been keeping up with the F List much, I'm sorry :(