June 21st, 2006

Leaf Girl

Pleasant day... dreadful evening

I did another half-exam today.
Gotta love my smart decision to leave behind all the big exams, the ones you have to split in multiple parts...
Anyway, the day decidedly improved since Giulia (
juliesaintjust ) came to my University to visit :P
We did an University Tour, ate our lunch and just talked the afternoon away while walking around the center of Milan.
Pleasant indeed, and lots of gossiping!! :P

Then I got home around 6PM and the day started going downhill.
Mom came home in cranky mood.
Dad came home in a really FOOL mood.
His under pressure at home, and my barese aunt left her 10 years old child up here, at my grandparents', pretending I bring him back home on the 28th, staying for some days, 'cept I have exams, I'm not on freaking vacation and she knew.
So now WE (and again, tell me why the fuck WE have to do it) have to organize my cousin's back flight with an hostess.
Dad is stressed out of his mind, we're on the 5th call of the night asking infos, prices, ok from my aunt...
As if he didn't have enough on his plate already.
And through all this my mom stays in the living room watching tv and rinking her nigthly infuse.

Suffice to say, dad started chanting again "I wanna throw myself out of the window, I can't take it anymore".
Now I'm here, sweating like a pig but refusing to take a shower in fear he'll do something stupid.
And mom keeps watching the tv.