June 22nd, 2006


There's a huge moth in my bathroom...

And I'm terrified by it.
I'm a chicken.
If I needed any more proof that I would have never got sorted into Gryffindor here it is.
I blocked the door and I'm half planning on not going into the bathroom until someone comes home tonight.
Sounds pathetic? Yes, I know.
But that thing is HUGE and it looks like it has some kind of sting, like a giant bee or something.
Mr Cat was no help today since he entered the bathroom, looked at it fly and then just left. Chicken him too!

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I wanna kick my neighbours where the sun doesn't shine!

I just got back from my high-pitched squealing of "WE WON! WE WON! INZAGHI! WE WON! ITALY PASSED! WOOT! AND WOOT SOME MORE!!", turned off the tv, came here looking for some quiet and I'm greeted by these idiots from the second floor (I'm on the third) that have blasting stupid techno music on for all the building to hear!
I mean, it's summer, everyone needs to keep the windows open cause Hello? Humidity? Stagnant Air?
These dumbasses have them open too but Drats, can't they use their brain and turn it down a notch?
Hell, even their poor cat is standing OUTSIDE on their window's sill, looking inside terrified.

That's possibly what angered me more, I hate people who get pets and then ignore their needs. Tarts. That poor thing :(