June 30th, 2006


Preparing for the big match

Tonight it's Italy vs Ukraine!
(aka: home country of Shevchenko, the big betrayer who just left Milan to sign for Chelsea after winning the Golden Ball with us. Jerk. )

Everyone thinks is gonna be such an easy game... shame that the game vs USA should have easy too and we almost lost, same with Australia...
And a former classmate from my high school just jinked us, sending around an email saying we'll win 4-0.
If we lose, we'll know who to blame.

Mom managed to piss me off on football as well, can you believe it?
A Juventus ex player, now part of the decision board, attempted suicide on Wednesday.

Mom's comment?
'It's so totally a stage suicide. They're doing it to escape trial for corruption'.
Nevermind that the guy is in the hospital with bones broken everywhere and hemorrages, it's a fake to her.
Cynic woman... does she even know the meaning of the word 'compassion' anymore?

Silly how I make these football posts, when nearly no one in my f list follows football, esp. not the Italian League, lol.
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HA! Dork!

We're part of the last 4!

I can't believe this, Italy passed to the semi-final!
Now it'll be Italy-Germany all over again...
And even if the World's Cup ends at the 4th place for us, who cares?
It's still a good results considering our last international performances!

We finally put back together a kick-ass National Team. Hooray!
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