July 7th, 2006

Van Gogh

Studying in daylight, crapping around in the night

That pretty much sums up what I've been doing these days.
I have another part-exam on Wednesday (oh joy) so I'm studying, even tho I would much rather doing anything else. I feel like I won't get to enjoy the Milanese Summer at all this year.
I'm leaving next Saturday for Sicily, I'll be back at the beginning of August and by then the shops will be closed, everyone will be gone out of town and I'll have to stay at home since there's nothing to do and non one in town. Poop.
Taking up my parents' offer to go vacationing with them has been a really bad idea I fear... still, it's Sicily.

Err... I digress.
So yeah, studying during the day and at night I started tweaking with my LJ Look again. Not the Layout yet, do not fear :P
I'm trying my hands at some banners for the Profile Page but as always, I'm having PSP problems *LeSigh*
I'll dance the hula naked when I'll finally get to work the Rainbow Gradient... which first I must find. Drats.

Last, but def. not least a warm welcome to aeka and calzamante to my journal! Can't wait to get to know you girls better, so far I believe we'll get along splendidly :D
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