July 13th, 2006


A Belated Birthday and Bye Byes

First and foremost, a Very Happy Birthday, although belated, to shaggydogstail.
I hope you passed it nicely and that Mr Dogstail plus your lil girl celebrated you big time :D
Sorry I'm late but I really had my head elsewhere yesterday...

And now, I'm saying Bye Bye to all of you.
I'm leaving Friday night for Sicily, I'll be gone for 2 weeks, until the 29-30th.
This is the first time I'm seriously, honestly and completely dreading my vacation.
For one I'll be stuck with my bickering parents for 2 whole weeks.
And second, I don't know how I'll survive it without you all to rant to :(
The kind words some of you never fail to deliver made it all better for me and I'm gonna miss that, a lot.
And I'll miss all of you :)

Don't let too much happen while I'm away, I hate catching up :P

*hugs and clings*
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