August 13th, 2006

HA! Dork!

Lovely winterly weather in Milan...

Back again!
Back for good! (no Take That pun allowed).
I got back to Milan yesterday, after a week in Croatia spent with Miss K ( so_wicked ).
Boy, what a trip!
Quite a number of mishaps, but it still didn't ruin Ma Trip.
I had an awesome time, both visiting Osijek/Zagreb and meeting K's friends (wonder if they can say the same,lol!), crazy bunch of chicks that makes look 'The Bold and the Beautiful' like a tame affair :P
Seriously though, they were really nice and welcoming, starting from Kate, the poor girl who rented me the apartment and is terrified of spiders, but still had to fight them for me cause I found out I'm a big ol' c-h-i-c-k-e-n when it comes to those evil little things...bleach!

Then there were Natasha, Helena and Marja (with hope I'm spelling them right). I won't pick favorites (:p) but I had quite a number of laughs with them. Hopefully I'll have pics up soon.
The craziest time has been with Branca and Christijan though... Miss K arbitrarily decided she had to get me drunk, so we went to Branca's place and proceeded to get smashed on red wine and beer... or better Christijan and Branca did, K was hanging in there, but I felt proudly sober...kind of.
HA! See K, I can hold my alcohol just fine :P

Aside from the people, what truly shocked me was the food... man, I enjoyed it!
I, italian, coming from the land of Da Good Cooking, had to find out croatian dishes are hella good (not their pizza though :P).
I'm in love with Cevapi and Burek, I've been talking about those for 2 days non-stop to my parents and grandparents...not good. lol.

Now, about the mishaps.
Allow me to say I won't fly with Alitalia EVER again if I can help it.
Stupid national flying company overbooked my flight for Zagreb and 'smartly' decided to put me on a flight to Bologna, then to drop me on a Portuguese flight to take me to Zagreb. I was supposed to get in the city at 10:45AM. I was there at 2PM.
But I though 'Let's not complain. I got here, I could have had to stay in Milan. I could have fell in the Mediterraneo with the plane. Everything's fine'.
That was before I found out the lost my luggage.
Lovely. Especially in a foreign country, let me tell you.
Thankfully K was helping with the report and the continued phone calls to the airport.
Cause they didn't bring me my luggage soon, oh NOOOO.
In the evening I get a call from the Bologna's airport, they have the luggage but they lost the destination. I ask them to send it to Zagreb, they say I'll have the bag in max 2 days.
Monday, silence.
Tuesday we decide to call Zagreb's airport. 'Fuck. Sorry lady, seems like your luggage is in Rome'...
I'm from Milan, how did they manage ROME?
Well, again, let's not panic... nice Zagreb people assure me they'll get it, send messages to Rome... Wednesday comes, and then Thursday...on Friday I ask K to call the airport again, and they tell us they did send messages to Rome but got no reply.
NOW I panic.
I was supposed to leave the day after, so I got on internet, wrote down a bunch of numbers for Alitalia in Zagreb, Milan, Bologna, Rome and them for TAP, the portuguese company.
Go to the post office and start to call. First is Rome.
'I'm sorry ma'am but I don't know what to do, I have no way to check where your luggage is. The only solution is for you to come to Rome to look for it'.
Are you kidding me?!? Am I the one who's supposed to know where you decided to sent my freaking suitcase, or is that YOUR JOB?
She gives me a bunch of numbers and I start to frantically call around. Bologna has even better news 'I don't know how to help from help. My guess is that they might have damaged your suitcase and that's why you're not getting it back'. O_O
I had my fav. pair of jeans in there! And brown pants! And my lucky hoops earrings for exams! And my CDs!!!
But I reached the ultimate joy with the girl from TAP.
'You can't have flown from Bologna, we have no flights from there'. I give her the flight number. 'Oh! So you came from Lisbon!'. No, I freaking came from MILAN!. 'Impossible'. WELL FUCK YOU! I must have materialized here then!
I calmly try to explain the luggage drama. 'It might be your luggage got sent from Lisbon to Rome'. I WAS NEVER IN FREAKING LISBON!!!
By that time I just wanted to get off the phone, stupid airheaded brat of a TAP employee!
Anyway, my last evening was supposed to be fun and nice, eating at K's home with her parents and Christijan... but I got there feeling only shock. I enver even considered the possibility of entirely losing the suitcase, I was sure I'd get it back sometime but then this.
I was depressed. Poor K had to put with my mood too. It got better at dinner, I vowed I'd go to Rome checking no matter how much the parents would bitch and that was it.

The next morning I got to the airport early and blessfully decided to check the Lost and Found office one last time.
'Your luggage... is being sent to Osijek this morning!'.
Some more drama, since they didn't realize I was leaving that morning, and the lady had to track down the transfer boy and make him to come back to Zagreb, but in the end... I was reunited with my precious pants and earrings!

What did I learn from this experience?
Fuck being nice, pulling the bitch card does help.
Not only I got my luggage the day after my numerous rants, but I even got a refund for the overbooking of my first flight.
Boy, did it feel good to land in Milan, shush the parents, drive them to the Alitalia office, queue and then make them give me the refund. HA!
I even got to bitch at the Lost&Found office in Milan, nevermind they told me 'You get it back in the end, what do you want?', I still put my foot down. You're not supposed to take more than 5 days to return a bag, after that you give money. Where I come from, Sunday to Saturday makes it 6 days.

Anyway, seems like the rant was longer than the actual trip report! LOL!
But seriously, K had to put up with my crazy shopping, first for clothes since I wasn't gonna go commando, then for shoes, then for junk food, and then for souvenirs, and then a backpack since I had nowhere to put the stuff I bought, and then even a freaking mp3 player!
They were so cheap there, I finally got myself one, 1GB capacity. It'll do for now. I love it, with its pretty luminous babyblue screen *pets it*

The city is beautiful, and so well kept...Milanese maire could learn a thing or too from the Croatians.
Again, I hope to have pics up soon.
All in all a wonderful week.
Hope someone else can say the same and is not asking the Croatian borders to ban a certain italian :P