August 26th, 2006

Van Gogh

Horrible Saturday

I've been off LJ for a bit, I realized.
You could say I'm in a very lethargic phase. I guess suffering from the post-effects of being back at home and the holidays being over.

Still, I truly want to apologize to my friends0 list.
I've been a sad excuse of a friend these past days, barely commented in your LJs and I'm sorry. I DO feel about it, a lot.

This week has been pretty hard, and I'm sure by now you can guess the cause of it. No need for me to tell you why my mother's behavior is weighing on my moods once again, but today it had to add to an already tiring day.
Some of you might remember me mentioning Marco, my evil 9 years cousin from Puglia :P
He and his parents were in town today, which of course turned my peaceful saturday in a chaos.
I got up at 8, which to me on a summer Saturday feels outrageous! I did it to mail a package to a friend so it's alright, but when they say you can feel a 'good' day coming right from the beginning of it...
My eyes were puffy, so no contacts. I went out in my glasses and 3 minutes after that it started raining. No umbrella.
I get to the post office and this guy tells me 'Last night rained, you know? So the computers are not working and I can't send your package. Try this other post office'.
*scratches head* It rained SO computers are not working? Really? Do I dare to ask...?

Anyway, I go to this other office, mail the package after being half-lectured from the guy about the content of the package (no, not porn unfortunately :P).
Go home to mom being in an outrageous bad mood, blaming dad for everything, possibly also for the weather. After too small of a time, we headed to my grandparents' to have lunch with the happy family from Puglia. All good fun and dandy until Terminator-Marco set himself in motion and I had to spend the afternoon following him around, yelling to be heard cause he yells even when he has to tell you supposed secrets...

I came home drained. It was already 7pm and we had to look forward to a possible visit from Marco after dinner and I just felt SO exhausted.
Thankfully they were too so they called to say they weren't coming. Sigh.
I love all 3 of them dearly, but that boy wears me out. Man.

Anyway, the evening ended with dad watching Inter on tv and cheering when they were losing, which turned into mom viciously calling him a cretin 3 times to highlight her point. Lovely.

Tomorrow we're having the other uncles, grandma and cousins over.
Who know what day is gonna be.