August 28th, 2006

Leaf Girl

Today Hell Week started

AKA: The week in which my mom is home from work.
Can you say 'F.U.C.K.'?
What frustrates me to the bone is that she's nice to me, all day long.
Then dad calls to ask about the medical visit she has tomorrow (which the whole family is a bit worried about, aunt and grandma included) and she gets back into full bitch mood. He comes home from work, same attitude.
He worries about her and what he gets in return are snappy 'Fuck off' remarks.
WHAT in the fucking HELL is this woman's problem?

And all week will be like this. This weekend has already been trying on dad, straining his nerves, plus he had to take his father to the hospital this morning, he'll be there at least for a week to do all kind of tests, he's risking dialysis + his pace maker is running out. I doubt dad will be able to last the full week without snapping back at mom and causing a huge fight.

I'm just SO tired.

I even tried to amuse myself with trying my hands at french
Can't say the result was brilliant, quite a mess actually :P

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