September 5th, 2006


No improvement

This morning I was treated to my dad charging in the apartment at 11am.
He run out of work and came to get the car's and aunt's keys: apparently the REALLY human people at the hospital told us that if he doesn't find aunt's sanitary card they'll kick her out of the hospital.
Do I need to comment further on this?

Anyway, somehow he found it (my aunt's place was a disaster when I saw it on Saturday, seriously, run down with 3 inches of dust on everything, papers everywhere, spiders...), rushed to make a copy of it then back to the hospital to deliver it.

Now he's already back home from work claiming he has, err, bathroom problems.
He looks like shit and now he's in bed, which is better than when he got here and at my questioning of what was wrong he replied with a 'My ass hole fucking burns!'

*sigh* I'm crossing my fingers he won't get sick too. I'm already frantic with my stupid tooth-ache that won't go away...