September 11th, 2006


Week of 'Rimodeling'

Mother had the great idea of painting the whole apartment again.
Count 2 bedrooms, 1 kitchen, 1 big living room and a hall.
So this week me and dad are at home supervising the work this plasterer is doing.
He started this morning with my parent's bedroom.
I'm shuddering thinking of when he'll get to my room.
It's smallish and of course I filled it with stuff during the years, on the walls but on the furniture as well, I saw this morning I'll have to remove EVERYTHING and I want to cry... so many small things like a perfume bottle here, an open letters-drawer, the stereo, all my pursues!!!

HELP... *lip quivering*

Plus, this morning the vet came to have a look at Rocky, he's big shedding too much hair and has a bald spot on his neck.
Apparently is nothing to worry about but he did put him on a diet. *snarf!*
Mom will have a fit...she's the one who feeds him like a pork.

So you know, if you see me disappear these days is because the computer wires either had to be taken off or they got directly cut off. *shudder again*