September 14th, 2006


Thought it was over an done but NOOOO...

What expected me today?
A nice day of internet surfing catch up with you?
A productive day spent studying for my upcoming exam?
OH NOOO dears, nononono!

Dad had the brilliant idea of glass-line idea all the apartment's doors and heaters, by himself.
Of course it ended up with me spending the day cleaning white polish from the floors, the walls...
Dad's back failed him in the middle of it, so I had to clean it all by myself which was so lovely... I'll spare you the details of what one has to do to clean one single stain of white polish, imagine having to do it from all over the home.

It was meant as a surprise for mom, and she's not home yet.
Mmmh... I know my mother, better than dad most of the times sadly. It's a fair guess to say you can't expect another cursing-galore update later today.

PS. Inter lost and Milan won! Karma is a bitch...hihihihihihihihihi!
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