September 20th, 2006

Leaf Girl

I kept telling myself...

...that I was gonna update this journal to let you know to expect few entries from me this month.
But I kept delaying and now look... I've gone a long period of time MIA again without telling anyone.
I'm sorry.

Tomorrow I'm starting to work in my bi-annual fair (for the new friends, I work twice a-year for a company that designs, produces and distributes umbrellas and some bags for Moschino) so I think it's fair to say you won't see me around until at least next week.
Unless something major happen, with my mother you never know...

I wanted to make a nice update! I had to write about the dinner I went to Saturday with dad and a bunch of his coworkers! It was fun!
And then about Cris!
I suck at life.

I'm so so SO sorry, cause inevitably with me not updating or logging on, I failed my purpose again and didn't keep up with your lives :(
Wonder if some of you will defriend me now...


Anyway.... Bye you lovely people, hope you won't come to hate me to much...

PS. Firefox closed itself before I sent this and I was ready to curse up a storm... for the first time ever, I'm glad for the 'Restore from saved draft' function.