September 25th, 2006

Leaf Girl

Thank you girls

Thanks for being patient and for your replies to my last update :)
Hopefully now I'll be able to be back on a semi-normal track and finally catch up with you all.

The fair ended yesterday, I'm still exhausted.
4 days of 10hours work, plus one formal dinner... gah!
At least I did make some money and new friends ;)
I was expecting to make less this time, there were less clients, so less orders to make, I was worried the boss was gonna think I worked less on my own.
Instead, I was SO surprised yesterday when his wife (who works with us too) took me aside at the end and told me 'You did really good this year'.
I melted... it's small things like that that makes me float... in fact I've been talking up a mile during the ride back in dad's car, lol. When I'm happy I ramble :P

Only 'down' side was this new girl, Elisa. She's work as a stagiest in the company, it was her first fair.
She boggled my mind.
I mean, I remember MY first fair, and the other girls do too: all you do is making coffee for the big clients, closing the umbrellas and help assisting the ones who are dealing with the clients.
Instead she kept trying to write the orders when she didn't even know how, explaining the collection to the clients when she didn't even know it, and what's worst: talking over whoever was dealing with the clients. Worst moment: when she told a wrong price, the boss itself corrected her and she contradicted him in front of the client saying SHE was right.
The other 2 girls working with us hated her guts, esp. the other Stefy (2 of us! :P), Elisa caused her quite a few trouble.
I tried to be nice, cause she was really getting put aside by everyone but she did manage to piss me off yesterday, when I was assisting and she walked up and took my place, telling me what to do while showing the wrong things to he client.
Then she came to me and complained about the other girls and having to close the umbrellas... I did 6 fairs for them, still beside her I'm the last arrived, so I didn't dare tell her, it's not my place, but hell! Closing umbrellas is your freaking job the first time! And everyone does it anyway once they're free from clients!

Remo (boss) wanted to fire her directly after the fair, his wife and 2 girls convinced him to wait til the end of the month... man.

Er... I haven't been clear rambling about umbrellas, orders and such.... *blush*
If you want to know about the job I'll tell you, the entries in itself now seems too long!
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