October 1st, 2006

HA! Dork!

Down with the turtles!

Dad has been calling me 'Beyonce' since he saw my new hair... It's worrying. I know it's more a crack about my ass than anything else, but the hair? o.O

Anyway, what about the title?
Well, there's this bit of news I forgot to give you.
My mom bought turtles. 2 of them. The Saturday that I was at the fair, funny enough the one day I came back at night because of the gala dinner, so we couldn't have a face-off about it.

Let me just tell you that I HATE turtles. They squeak me. It's irrational, it's stupid, but I *shudder*
And I told her a billion times AT LEAST that I didn't want turtles in my house, but she did it anyway, and behind my back!
Gah... and they smell on top of it :X
And she keeps them in the kitchen!
Why? Oh why, when we have a beautiful loving cat that acts as a dog, pig and cat? 3 pets in one! And she gets freaking turtles *shakes head*


Oh! yesterday it was Gaia's birthday. The sweet 16! In her stride to be always the 'original' one, mom got her... clothes. Again.
*bangs head on th desk*
I had spotted the cutest pair of earring, just a thin silver pendant with a small colored handbag at the bottom. Sound really kitsch but they were actually cute! But no, got vetoed in buying them for her.
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