October 8th, 2006

HA! Dork!

Rough Saturday

First day of my period, which started 3 weeks later.
That's all it needs to be said...
I had cramps and was generally cranky, heck I scared myself when I started getting ticked off in my aunt' hospital room for no apparent reason o.O

That's why I replied to entries and then I fled last night. So big BIG sorry to you Giulia, for not seeing your reply and not being around :(

On top of that, now I'm angsting cause I did win the bidding on Ebay.
And why am I angsting you'll say?
I haven't heard from the seller yet, if I don't hear anything by tomorrow I'll start seriously worrying. This dude is strange, he's sending from Italy but is pricing in GBP (UK money).
And he only accepts postal payment... money order? o.O

Why do I always make life difficult for myself? LOL!
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