October 12th, 2006

Leaf Girl

A notebook: what a drama

This week seems to be all about fighting with my mom about changing my pc for a notebook.
My pc was bought in 2001, has a pitiful 224MB RAM and it's generally a piece of crap.
It's getting harder and harder to work on it, sometimes it clashes with Norton and takes 30 minutes just to start up... and that's just to sum it quickly up.

Long story short: I talked to mom at the beginning of the year and she promised that if I waited til November she'd let me get it. I assured her I'd munch off of them the less possible by refusing to get Birthday and Christmas presents from all the relatives and instead ask them to give me money.

I looked for the cheapier offers, only thing I care about is a big RAM, I don't care about Hard Disk or Web cams. I found a cute Toshiba notebook for 1.215 euros.
Her answer was: forget about it.
All my expectations crashed down...

Seems like the only solution is to look for something with, guess what? Less RAM!
I'm disappointed. I only want this one thing for the notebook and I can't get it.
Nevermind trying to make her understand that by spending this money now, I won't have to upgrade later or buy more RAM, the notebook will last me a while.
But noooo. Too hard a concept to grasp.


I probably sound like a spoiled little child right now, but I'm bummed. Yesterday I was down right pissed.
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