October 22nd, 2006

HA! Dork!


I'm on my new pc! A notebook!!
*squees really loud*

(Are you fed up with the exclamation points yet? Beware, lots more to come!)

I'm so happy, you have no idea.
I really thought I was gonna be stuck on my old Compaq with 224MB RAM til it crashed on me, like it happened with my last one. Instead, somehow, mom decided to be convinced and followed through her promise!
She's already bitching and I'm sure more bitching and moaning will come in the following months, but right now I couldn't care less :P

This is the model I'm using, Toshiba A100-777.


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I'm pants at typing on this keyboard, I plugged in my old optical mouse after a mere 2 hours on the touch-pad, and Firefox doesn't let me save bookmarks (I'm using Opera right now)...
But who cares!
With all the pretty things I can do and never could before!
I'm already going crazy on the desktop...lookie! I just have to show you :P
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I'm the worst, biggest dork in the world...
Allow me one more squee though, just one!