November 3rd, 2006


Lovely birthday :)

I had a quiet birthday yesterday, just how I like it.
I had a regular day, met Cris in the afternoon and then had dinner with my parents. The real 'celebration' is tomorrow evening, I'm taking the relatives out for dinner.

I was never one for big parties with my friends, I get embarRassed by getting people together to celebrate me :o
I'm an idiot, I know... lol!

But I got so many cute birthday wishes!!(Thanks Giulia for the LJ post BTW *Muah!*)
Even from people I didn't expect it from. Tonight I got a sms from Kristina's croatian friends I met last summer, they were so sweet! I!
All these messages made up for me feeling old all of a sudden, what with people reminding me that it's a quarter of a century... O_O;
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