November 10th, 2006

HA! Dork!

Tiramisu: good for when your stomach is acting funny o.O

Hey, sorry about the small hiatus.
I've been on pinched needles all week long, still am because now another weekend awaits me, with the 2 old dogs spending together 48 hours.

Yesterday I was supposed to go out with Giulia. I was looking forward to it, and to our lunch at Mc Donald's or a fast food, since I've been trying to diet and I've been missing salty/tasty food.
And guess what?
I woke up before 7 in PAIN, my tummy was giving me such pain fits, at times I felt like I couldn't breathe. Stupid colitis. It wasn't like I had it before, this one lasted longer and did I mention it was fucking painful?

My mother's response to this was to make me cook tiramisù today. LOL!
I wanted to take a pic of it (aka: Hello Dork!) but my dad came home early so couldn't do it =P
If they manage to spare some tonight I'll share it with you ;)