November 28th, 2006


Gyno Part 2 and some nice reading

Turns out the gyno is even better than I first thought...
It wasn't the fibroma mom got taken out. They just cured with laser an uterus lesion she had.
She's NOT getting the fibroma operated, cause gyno said it's benign and once she'll hit menopause it'll shrink.

And my mom is so candidly ok with this, she trusts this woman completely and I'm left wondering if maybe I'M the insane one.
Isn't it always better to take away fibromas, even if they're benign?

Anyway, mom loves to stay with us so much that she's already going back to work tomorrow *rolleyes*

In other (considerably nicer) news, I finally finished "The Subtle Knife" by Pullman!
I loved it 10 times more than the first one, WOW! And it really leaves you hanging in there... I'm desperate for the last book now, I need to know how it's going to finish!

One thing I wondered: the Pope is so quick to call Harry Potter evil and blasphemous... what about These Dark Materials then?!?