December 6th, 2006


Dad's Birthday

I'm glad, he finally had a good day.
Yesterday he was in hysterics at work and at home, but today everything went smoothly, I'm so happy!

I convinced mom to let me buy him an iPod, he's been asking for it forever saying it's be his birthday+christmas present from both of us. But mom got him a coat already so he thought he wasn't gonna get it.
Thankfully she let me do it.
He was so excited at dinner, literally like a kid in a candy store.

Now I'm charging it, but he's worst than an energized bunny.
He gave me a list of songs he wants on it for tomorrow. Then came back and wanted to download some more music. Hell, calm down! LOL!
Plus, I'm not too comfortable with letting him use the notebook to download anymore...

Step back here: I had troubles with Firefox, so when I went to buy the iPod I brought the notebook with me to have a look at it. The guys said it looks like its full of small viruses, and that I should delete ASAP softwares like LimeWire (which dad uses a lot and randomly for music).

I told him tonight, and he was like 'Ok, I ain't using it anymore, I'll let you do it for me'.
hat was less than 1 hour ago and he already was here with his hand on the mouse...LOL!