December 8th, 2006

HA! Dork!

Fair hopping is a sport I'm not too good at....

I finally visited the yearly Crafts Fair. It's a huge 8-days fair with food and acutal crafts works separated geographically, and there's EVERYTHING. From Europe to Africa, from Asia to South America. Plus a big Italy part separated by regions.
I mainly went to get some stuff from the Sicilian part of the fair, but even with a gold in mind it was devastating.
Usually they put Sicily at the entrance, and that's where everyone stops, eats and stays.
The smartasses make you enter from Europe this year, then you have to pass through all of Italy before you get to Sicily.
Smart business idea, so the other parts got more visitors this year, but heck: for us to get to Sicily and back it took 3 hours, that's how many people were there.

Thankfully it was juts me and dad, if mom had been there it would have been even worst.
Thing is I came home slightly tired, but nothing major.
I sat on the bed with all the intention of listening to some music and I ended up sleeping for 2 whole hours O_O
I'm still out of it, I feel so burned out... LOL!

At least I found 2 ore Christmas gifts and my beloved pistacchi cream =P