December 11th, 2006


Meh... Decoration Crisis

I've finally done the Christmas Tree yesterday.
But I'm upset over it, this year I really can't stand the decorations my mom got.
All Blue. With some random gold. But man, BLUE?!
I love blue, a lot, but not as the solely color on a Christmas tree! It makes the tree looks empty, they're missed in a sea of green!
I think I'm gonna go behind her back and get some more decorations, esp. some red that to me is TEH Christmas color.

And if that wasn't enough, Mr Tree is wobbly this year. Guess dad put it away in a funky way, and Mr Tree now has a nice natural similarity to the Pisa Tower... I made it perfectly trying to make it pretty with what I had, made silver ribbons too, and just as I was putting on the last 2 Mr. Tree decided he couldn't take it anymore: he wasn't standing anymore, I tried everything to prevent him from crashing to the ground, the only solution in the end was turn him around and smack him against the wall.
So now most of the decorations are on the wall (hence the empty bottom). I'll have to redo it. AGAIN.

I took a pic of Mr Tree to show you, hopefully it'll be better soon.

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PS. Heather, I got your Christmas card today, THANK YOU SO MUCH! I love it! And thanks for the wishes *muah!*