December 24th, 2006



I'm wishing all my wonderful friends' list a very Merry Christmas!
Hope the day will be filled with joy, fun and serenity :)

I know I haven't been around much this last couple of months, and I've been commenting on your journals even less. I've been a pretty crappy friend these past weeks and for that I truly apologize. I hope none of you are mad about it, but if you are I understand, you have reasons to.

I also wanted to thank  you all for being truly enjoyable people to talk with and wonderful friends .
I know I should be doing this at the end of the year, but I couldn't wait any longer :P

I want to especially thank in no particular order aeka , blackmoonruby , hjohnson1 , hobbitseeker ,
juliesaintjust , minnow_53 , rlf_2583  and so_wicked for either being there for me through the crappier times of this year (you know what I'm talking about :P)  or for generally helping me deal with things, even if you didn't realize it.
As far as I'm concerned, 2006 has been a very good year if I think about the people I got to meet and befriend ;)
Love you!!! *pounce*

Ok, I'm done trying to choke you all with sugar-sweetness! Enough fluff on this journal to last til the end of next year! =P
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