December 28th, 2006


Who gets sick on Boxing Day?

Me, that's who. O_O
My mother passed a sore throat and a cold to dad, then dad passed it to me (dad who, by the way, still have it and it's not going away... maybe because mom forces him to sleep on the couch with this bloody cold weather? Oh but he snores for the stuffed nose, so that takes away his right to a warm bed, did you know?).

I haven't been sick with a cold in at least a year and it's a record for me, so why now? Started on my Saint Day too, lol.
It wasn't so bad then, but today is the day I truly feel like shit  -_-

It's all a conspiracy to keep me away from LJ, I swear. I last very little in front of the screen before my head starts hammering, eww.

I sound like a spoiled brat O_O
Maybe I should refrain from writing my thoughts when I feel like this.