January 6th, 2007

HA! Dork!

Purrrdy Cup!

If you know me well, you'll know I love tea *cough* read as: tea obsession ***
I have a problem, I KNOW, ok?

This problem translated into another love: Cups Collection!
Not that I go around and randomly buy new cups just to drink tea in them *innocent*, but when I receive one I squee, loudly.
And today mother bought a small chocolates box for herself and guess what gift came with it? =D
I'm in LOVE with this cup, it's midnight blue, it looks so polished, and it has small stars painted on it *sigh dreamily*

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***aka: squeeling at ultrasound level when I find new kind of tea during grocery shopping or similar occurrences.
I ritually drink tea every night, often in the afternoon too *blush*
I'm a nutter. I know. And if you didn't know before friending me it's your own fault =P
My cousin captured my insanity on film as well *blushblushblush*

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