January 13th, 2007

Van Gogh

My purdy Laptop! I love you *smooches*

I missed him *sigh*
I had to take it to the shop where I originally bought it to fix it/clean it from viruses.

This is the back-story: I went to the shop early in December to buy my dad's iPod. I brought it along cause I had a bi problem with FireFox (aka Not saving changes and not saving bookmarks).
The guy present at the time (not the guy who sold the pc to him, which I know) told me FireFox got probably installed wrong so the only way to fix the problem would be reinstall Windows and everything else. O_O
But the true problem was that it looked like it was full of viruses.
I panicked. Obviously. I mean, I got this pc in OCTOBER. Not even 2 months later you tell me it's already clogged by viruses and a miracle that it even turns on?!
Anyway, he told he'd have to keep it to fix it, 2 days max.
I couldn't at the time cause dad would have asked questions and found out about the iPod... so I decided to wait after the crazy Xmas season.
I took it there on Tuesday and thankfully I did find the 'seller-guy'. Bless him. The reason I was looking for him is that he offered his help with everything, he said 'Whatever problem you have with it just call me'. He's an angel. He gave me this pc with the full Microsoft Office 2003 suite for free, NOD32 Anitvirus for free, a really good price for a Canon Printer/Scanner... as I said, an angel.
He took the pc and said I'd have it back by Friday morning. I asked him to fix the FireFox problem if possible (couldn't ask the other guys since I can't reinstall Office or NOD32 not having the disks).
Well, yesterday he called to say he was late and that I could pick it up this afternoon. Saturday afternoon I'm usually relatives-visiting with the parents, meaning mom would have to come to the shop with me and dad.
Thankfully all went well, beside Guy mentioning the virus you take from downloading music and mom giving therefore the Stinky Eye to dad, telling him he crushed my pc.

But he didn't fix FireFox. Kept telling me IE 7.0 is just as FireFox and if in the future I really really wanted FireFox he'd see to it. T_T
Guess I'll be stuck running 3 Anti Spyware-Adware programs every evening using IE. Eh.

But Mr PC is back!
Therefore I'm back to harass you all. Beware!

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