February 25th, 2007

Leaf Girl

Any Figure Skating fan here?

Today was Big Blockage Day, aka the day Lombardia's President decided that cars could not circulated between 8AM and 8PM,  effectively blocking the majority of us at home.
With that in mind, I went to Feltrinelli (big music&books store) hunting for a book to read in the afternoon.
I ended up giving in to Banana Yoshimoto again, famous japanese writer. I got her latest novel ' '.
I was about to get also Sepulveda's 'The Old Man Who Read Love Stories', stopped only cause I thought mother's had the book already. She doesn't =(
Speaking of books, everytime I go hunting for books I end up in front of the Virginia Woolf section. I never read anything by her, but always tell myself I want to. Problem is, I don't know what to pick. Anyone who read some of her works and can suggest one to me? =P

Now I've been going through YouTube and found a video I wanted to share =)
The day Giulia and I met we run into Carolina Kostner in a jewelry shop, followed by photographers and ish. 
She's a young figure skater, Italy's big hope for the future of the sport. She was the flag carrier for the Winter Olympics in Torino and just won the Euro Championship, in January.  She's rather tall for a figure skater, but the stand out point is that she skates rather fast and with such grace for her height... It really looks like she dance on the ice, beautiful to watch.
So, here I bring you the video of her Long Program that won her the Gold Medal (music from Memories of a Geisha)
Hope there's some figure skating fan out there, enjoy!