March 13th, 2007

Leaf Girl

Big Update

Say it. Tell me I suck, cause I do -_-
I disappeared again!
But I wanted to update this week, at least before I start the Fare. For my newest friends, I work in a fare twice a year for Moschino, the umbrella division. It goes from Thursday to Sunday, and it's a lot of work, the least fun part is standing for a good 10 hours (without counting the coming and going home time). Therefore I won't be around until well into next week.

But big things happened this week and I wanted to report them ;)

First of all, some of you might remember that I was gonna go to S.Siro for the Milan-Celtic game. And I did!
This was my second game vs Celtic, I saw one 2 years ago. They have the best fans. We were in the metro with them, and I'm talking 2 to 100, but they were really sportive and adorable. Drunk as monkeys, they kept singing at the top of their lungs and banging on the walls, but when they saw us they were shaking our hands, smiling, joking with us... It was a great atmosphere.
Some italian fan groups could learn a thing or two from them...

The game in itself was BORING. It was freezing cold, we were sitting right next to the foreign press, red section and good view. I can't imagine how cold the people staying above us were.
By the end of the second half I was half hoping Celtic would score so as to put us out of our misery. How many times can you keep on shooting a ball to the opponent door before it goes in? Well, Milan has the record. MAN! Celtic did maybe 2 shoots, Milan a hundred and they NEVER scored! 
Praise the perfect Riki, what would this team be without him?
Hope we won't have to find out next year *shudders*

So, I'm focusing on our win in the Champion's League, and the fact that dad wants us to go see Milan-Bayern, and PURPOSELY avoid mentioning Sunday.
Did something happen on Sunday, football related?
Nop, of course not.
And if I keep telling myself that I might believe it...

In other news, I have a new found fandom obsession.
Prince Of Tennis.
Where has this anime been all my life? How could I not know about it?
It's a freaking SLASH FEAST!
I've gone through the first 100 episodes in little over a week, and I'm already angsting over the fact that the fare will put on hold my obsessing... Right when I was getting close to the episodes with Buchou! 
Cause my main obsession stemmed from the obvious, blatant OTP that is Ryoma/Tezuka. There's only so many times one can hear the guy whisper 'Buchou' (aka Captain) before the kinky factor becomes evident and takes over your brain.
Or better, I noticed a girl in my F List wrote a lot of Tezuka/Fuji fics, I checked the characters out and they were pleasant to the eyes, seemed to fit. I started hearing stories about the blatant slashiness of the whole serie so of course I checked it out and BAM! Love. Capital LOVE at first sight. But not for Tezuka/Fuji. 
Or better, not that I mind the pairing, but watching the anime all I could think was TezuRyo, TezuRyo, TEZURYO!
How perfect is that pair? The Captain and the young protegee .... *sighs*
For you HP slash loving people on my Friends List, check this anime out. It'll blow you away! =D
Speaking of which, is there anyone already sharing my love for it?