March 23rd, 2007

Van Gogh

Some good reports and some really bad ones

I finished my work at the Fare on Sunday. It was took me 2 full days to get back to my 'normal' self, lol.
Even though it was hard work, it's always satisfying, I love it =)
Now we'll see if I'll get called back for the September Fare.

I went to the gyno again today to finish the exams... And I'm seething mad.
She said the exams are all fine, I'm fine. But as a precaution, since my dad's father has diabetes, she put me on a low-carb diet. Just like that. I can have only 1500 calories per day.  The actual fact took all day to sink in... and by the time my parents came home I was incensed.
I do need a diet, fair enough. But 'one we give to women with diabetes that want to get pregnant'? How does that apply to me exactly?
She spent a large amount of time telling me I have no tell-all sign of impeding diabetes, than she springs this on me.
And I'm sorry...precaution diet. Does that mean that to avoid diabetis I'll have to be on it for the rest of my life? How else is she gonna 'prevent' it?

Plus I made the situation worst by losing my cool about it with my parents. I usually avoid getting upset around them, I quench it down trying to avoid their arguments but I couldn't tonight.
And as usual, being the mental cases they are, they used it to turn on each other.
Dad is pissed at me and mom. Mom is pissed at dad and me.
It's surreal, I'd laugh if it wasn't for the fact that tomorrow is weekend and I'm scared about their time together.
Dad is forcing me to see the grandparents in the morning with him, leaving mom to do the house cleaning, which ALWAYS lets her hysterical with rage. And in the afternoon I'll be away at Cartoomics, meaning they have all the time to tear at each other.... *shudders*
I'm afraid =(