March 26th, 2007


Cartoomics Report

I got to visit Cartoomics on Saturday, I'm still pumped up about it.
This time I found some great material, mainly cause for once I'm following a fairly recent manga/anime serie, but there were even HP stuffs!
I usually always go on Friday to avoid the huge crowd, but going on Saturday proved to be worth it. 
I enjoyed the cos-plays, plus there was a totally awesome Star Wars procession that kept touring around...there was Darth Vader, Sith!Luke, AlmostNaked!Leia, the armies, R2-D2... I took pics with my cellphone, as soon as I figure out how to use the blue-tooth, I'll post them =P

I found a good deal of Prince of Tennis material, the first 2 manga volumes in italian, 4 CDs and 2 ART BOOKS! *squee!!*
The art books are made of awesome, I may even scan some of the pics =D

The best part however was finding HP DOUJINSHI =D
I only had so much money, so I only got 4, but I'm so psyched =D
They are 2 Marauders-era and 2 Hogwarts era, plus my previous POA one... I haven't perused them all, I'm trying to savor the experience... But I think one is pretty famous, 'Cry for the moon', starring James, Remus and Snape. There's something deeply wrong about a cute Snape, but it was a MWPP era doujinshi, I wasn't about to get picky on how Snape looks, I can easily ignore that part =P
I'll def. post scans from those if you want ;)

I was about to buy a Maldini action figure, (YES, THEY EXIST), but then I felt like  a creep and let it be *blush*
How hard do you hate me Ruby?