May 12th, 2007


Monkey King : The Tea

I gave into my mother and accompanied her for an afternoon walk.
Little did I know it would provide so... prolific =P

I asked her to show me the way to a tea shop she mentioned before, so she took me there.
Can you say HEAVEN?
It was even more stocked up than I thought it would be. Teas divided by nation, tons of teas from China, India but even Japan! And then mixed blends, each categorized by white, black, green or mixed tea...
I ended up getting some green tea from Japan called Fuji-Yama, I'm about to make myself a cup of it.

But the best part of it all?
In a big vase at the front of the store, between lots of Japanese kind of teas, sit a blend called... MONKEY KING.
The people that are into Tenipuri will understand my amusement *sniggers*
I asked the lady what kind of tea it was, she said it's a jasmine blend. 

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