May 13th, 2007


Mother's Day and plans for tomorrow

Ugh, I'm so full!
I basically spent Mother's Day eating.
Both grandmas invited us over, so for lunch we went to the fatherly grandparents (I ate lasagne *drool* How I missed lasagne! Plus meat, french fries, salad and strawberry cake >.<).
The bad thing about it was that they live on the outside of the city, full of trees, and I got hit by a major allergies attack. I'm still suffering from it, stupid runny nose headache and sore throat >=o

Around 5-ish we went to the other grandma and I finally got to see my cousin after she got released from the hospital.
She looked good enough, still thin and tired, but she's got color in her cheeks and she's eating.
They still don't know what caused that major blood thing, they're still running tests. 
The only thing that surprised me is that she really doesn't want to go back to school yet and it's freakish for me. She's in LOVE with school. 
That was the sign that she's still feeling off =(

Tomorrow I have to go have lunch with one of dad's coworker. I have to bring him some signed documents and he said he was available only for lunch, so he said he'd take me out for lunch. 
Now, I've seen this guy quite a lot (he's around my age), we hung out sometimes with him, but never without my father in the gang so I'm kinda worried. I don't know how to fill 1 hour with chit-chat... And if by chance he's bringing his coworkers as well I'm doomed, I don't know any of them -_-