May 14th, 2007


Video galore!

I'm SO tired today, fro some reason.
The lunch meeting went smoothly enough, but it left me drained. I tried to go shopping for some clothes and books but I wasn't inspired enough. I didn't get anything, just came home and un-winded by  cuddling my cat =P

To prevent this entry from being completely meaningless, I'm bringing you... videos!

I looked for this one for a while, I wanted to share it =P
It's a commercial for a chewing gum we get on italian tv... It has me in stitches everytime I see it.Lol

It's supposed to be a rain dance...

As for this one... I suppose most of you know it already, but I had to find the link for my cousin and fell in love with it all over again. The Potter Puppets and the Mysterious Ticking Noise! =P