May 16th, 2007


Chinese Food

Today I must have been really bored.
I decided to try to cook Chinese spaghetti. You know those rice/soy really thin ones?

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Yep, I cooked those.I figured that since I could make Cantonese Rice, I'd be able to pull this off too.
Err.... It wasn't bad, but I improvised a lot compared to the recipe. I used saffron, peas and shrimps. The end result wasn't what I expected but I liked it =P
I saved one plate for tomorrow.

And since I'm still THAT bored, I decided to make a boring poll.

Poll #xxxx Ethnic Food
Open to: all, results viewable to: all

Do you like ethnic food?

Yes, I live off of it!
It's alright
Yuck, NO!

Which ones do you like?

Other (specify below)

Want to elaborate on your favorites?

How often do you eat ethnic food?

Once a year
Once a month
Once a week
Everyday, yo!

Have you ever tried cooking it?

Yup, and it was delicious!
Yes, but it didn't turn out like I hoped
Why would I try? I don't like it!!

How annoying is this poll?

One every blue moon, I can take
It's alright
It's kinda fun
Less annoying than your usual entries, that's for sure

Got anything else to add? A blessing? A curse? A random thought? Go ahead!