May 23rd, 2007

Ah Shit...

I spilled a whole cup of tea on my laptop

I'm such a moron.
That's why I wasn't around last night.
I panicked.
I still AM panicked. A friend helped and told me to let it dry 24 hours and then see... so far most things seem ok, but the arrow keys aren't working properly (the right  one is a goner) and Enter acts up every once in a while.
I don't know what to do.... Should I take it to repair? Risking to pay a shitload of money for just the 2 keys, and staying without pc for weeks?
I'm supposed to leave with mother on Sunday for a week too, and I wanted to take the laptop with me, for internet AND study.


I still feel like crying a bit. 

EDIT: Tonight is THE night. Final of Champion's League. I know we're gonna lose.... thanks to all these morons that jinxed us all week long selling Milan flags and jerseys with the Cup on it and the "Europe Champion" phrase. Bastards.  I might be back in 3 hours as a whimpering wreck, y'all are warned.


And we'll keep on fighting til the eeeend!!!


I just got back from the party going on in the streets, it's madness out there!! 
People hanging off of cars, on the roofs, inside the backdoor, naked..!!! 
The best one was the dog dressed in a Gattuso shirt! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!
In the words of my dad "Interists have to be kept awake ALL NIGHT!"

I just about died when I saw the boys on the field jumping and singing 'Chi non salta neroazzurro è, è!!", tranlsation: Who doesn't jump is a black-and-blue/Interist! Bwahahahaha!!!

If I can figure out how to upload pics from my phone on the laptop, I'll bring ya pics tomorrow ;)