June 5th, 2007


I should have never downloaded Gilmore Girls' last episode

I'm teary eyed, with a runny nose... what I was thinking?!?
I've watched it 3 times in a row already, abandoned all the projects I had for tonight. and just kept on watching it, blowing my eyes and nose and start over again ... It slayed me ;__________;
I can't believe it's over, I'm NOT READY for it to be over!!
Why did Alexis Bledel did this to us, why did she refuse to sign for a new season?!  >.<

What are the odds of they coming up with a new season at a later time, in a few years?
Maybe if Alexis' movie career bomb...? I'm being horrible, right?
Just.... Sigh. Sniff. Sob. *wails*