June 29th, 2007


Biagio Antonacci? And mom's Saint Day

Dad got 2 tickets for Biagio Antonacci's concert tomorrow night.
They gave them to him, and since my mother never ever does anything remotely entertaining with him, I'll have to go with him.
It's in San Siro, so it's gotta be a massive event... Ohi vey.
I'm not crazy about his music, but I do like some of his old stuff so hopefully he'll play some of those.
Back in the day he kinda looked like a younger movie!Sirius =P
I'll focus on that... lol!

The one concert I really wanted to see this summer was The Police. ( 80's child, always. Lol)But they're playing only in Torino and no one is willing to make the trip with me. Drats.
I would have had brand new reasons to enjoy 'Don't stand so close to me', after all the Lupin talks of the past few years... =P

All of this stalling to avoid thinking about the humongous faux pas I did today.
My mother's name is Paola and today is her Saint Day, which reminds me, 



Anyway, swamped by study I forgot about it until this evening, and didn't get her a gift. Dad did, and rubbed my face in it.
I got mildly pissed off, since I'm usually the one who has to remind him of these things (1 month ago? His parents' anniversary. 2 months ago? His nephew's birthday!). And usually we always discuss mom's gifts together. 
Why didn't he tell me anything?
You should have seen him gloating during dinner, he got her a gift and I didn't, ha ha! Sometimes I wonder if he's 4   -___-

Also, I'll be posting the pics for the meme after the weekend, even the closet's floor Lexi ;)