July 8th, 2007


'No jokes, fact' Meme

I was tagged by the lovely bleuclair

Choose seven random facts about yourself and post them on your blog. At the end, list seven people you are tagging.

1. My youngest cousin collects football players' trading cards. When he run into a double of the Gattuso card he offered it to me. I have said card in my pursue. If I keep telling myself it's because I forgot to take it out, I might start to believe it...

2. Speaking of Milan, this is embarrassing. hen I was about 6 or 7, I alternated between Milan and Inter cause of my parents/grandparents. I went through a brief Inter phase, yes. I was young, and clueless, I didn't know better! At 8, when dad took me to see Milan-Ascoli= 5-1 I made my ultimate choice =P

3. I really don't like to go clubbing. Most of my high-school/university friends made me feel weird for it. Honestly, if I want to hang out I pick a pub, even a club with music BUT played at a normal volume... Something where you can actually TALK.

4. I'm a huge music junkie. The one thing I always regretted is having an awful singing voice :(

5. At first I despised the whole HP phenomenon. I teased my cousin mercilessly over it, and huffed all the way to the theater and through the movie when she asked me to bring her see PS and CoS. I don't even remember HOW she managed to convince me to take the first book from her and read it. But I did. A couple of months before PoA came to theaters. By the time I sat down to watch the movie I had OotP in my lap. I'm more obsessed than her now. Guess the joke is on me now :P

6. For some reason, I seem to be allergic to most het fics. I don't understand why, but I almost read only slash. In every fandom (except Captain Tsubasa). I blame JKR and her 'hugged him as a brother' moment.

7. I tried my hands at fanfics. Eons ago. I've thought about writing again, but everytime I do I end up reading my first material and cringecringecringe. It was for the Rayearth fandom. It's on fanfiction.net . That should be enough explanation. And NO, I'm not gonna tell you how to find it.

Pretty boring stuff :P
I feel bad tagging, so once again if you feel like doing this meme, go ahead :D
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want to do it *winkwink*
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