July 10th, 2007


RL Happenings

§- I've been running crazy for university since last Thursday.
I lost my badge (magnetic card with which you can subscribe to exams and do other bureaucratic stuff), so I checked the site to see what I had to do to get a duplicate. Then phoned the Info Point to be sure everything was as it was written, and the girl said that I had to fill a complaint the losing to the police, I couldn't get a duplicate without an official police comlpaint report.

So Monday I woke up early and went to the nearer station, all the while feeling like an utter tart thinking about having to go to a police officer and say 'I lost my badge. It wasn't a robbing, just lost it. Where? I dunno. How? I dunno'. I at for a good half hour with air conditioning blowing on my neck before a police officer came out and asked hwo had complaints for lost objects to make. I told him about mine and he went 'Ah no, you don't need to file a complaint with us. Auto-certification will do. Just find the form online, print it, fill it in and turn that in to the university'. O_O
I did that, cursing the net, cursing the uni site of Doom, rushing but still didn't make it on time.

I went this morning to university and the secretary? 'Of course it's done with auto-certification, we provide the form ourself. The ones you filled in aren't the right ones, fill these in, pay the fee in our bank office and then come back'.
Rush there, pay, fill, do the queue again and at 11:30AM I was finally done.
If I ever get my hands on the dumbass who answered me at the Ino Point, I'll ring her neck out. Just watch me.

§-  After the uni drama I spent the rest of the day with Giulia (  juliesaintjust)
Poor thing is without internet now, her phone company went bankrupt and left all the clients hanging. She won't get internet back for at least 15-20 days.
We ate and went for sales... But we didn't find much. Just underwear :P
For me at least.

I'm really looking forward to our major HP weekend starting on the 20th.
My parents are conveniently leaving this Saturday, so we'll spend the whole Friday watching HP movies, taking notes from JKR interview with Cuaron and just generally hang out waiting for DH to drop. We'll get it in the morning, then turn in here and readreadread :P

§- I got a book today *blush*
'Basic course of the japanese language through manga'.
You can laugh. Come on. You know you want to.