July 14th, 2007


2 week of RELAX....hopefully!

My parents left this morning for Puglia.
They'll be away til the end of the months. FINALLY.

There was such tension here this past week... Last year I accepted to go with them with the specific intention to act as a buffer between them, I hadn't gone vacationing with them in years.
But this year?
I'm guess I've reached he end of my wits. I'm fed up with watching their backs, getting 'hit' left and right by their words and tantrums and getting in return nothing but scoff or even have my efforts thrown in my face.
Let's see how they can 'function' without me smoothing the mood down.
I would have felt sorry for dad a couple of days ago, but after his performance from THAT night...

Well, so far my plans include watching OotP first with Giulia (fingers crossed Monday works out) and then with the 2 cousins.
I'll have to go at some point to my grandparents to be fussed over and pig out, the only thing not so fun is the travel til there with public transportation.
AND THEN Friday I'll have Giulia over and we'll prepare big time for Deatlhy Hallows' release.
Watch maybe the old movies, eat, discuss... a typical girls night waiting to rush out the next morning and get the book :D

I'll plan some other special activity later on ....=P
Any suggestions?

*jumps up and down*