July 15th, 2007


I'm seeing OotP...FINALLY!!

And if me and Giulia are lucky, we might catch the showing with the original actors voices, the dubbing is painful to sit through....
But I'll sit through it anyway, probably on Wednesday with the cousins :D
Except a review tomorrow evening!
You'll have read so many anyway, LOL!

Speaking of OotP, I was reading on the train ride to my cousins' this afternoon and some questions popped up in my head. Most of all, this:

+ As of HBP we know that Ministry doesn't trace the underage magic through wand but by house it seems.... Hence not just Tom Riddle, but the letter Harry got in CoS because of Dobby.
Then how come the Ministry wasn't aware of magic performed in Privet Drive by the Advanced Guard? 
Even Dumbledore for the matter, but I can understand him more, maker of the wards and what not.... But Tonks? Moody? Lupin?

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