July 25th, 2007


Contemplating the ways of the HP fandom

I had the crappiest night ever.
First I had serious stomach cramps, then my cat decided to go 'banana' while I was in bed and attacked my foot with nails and teeth O_O
It wasn't pretty, I was bleeding -____-

Anyway, crappy night and little sleep make my mind wander in weird territories... I started wondering about fics and crossovers in the HP fandom.
More precisely, how come no one has ever tried to write an HP/PotC crossover?

I mean, we're talking about the fandom that cooked up Snape/Giant Squid (I kid you not, I've seen it), I've seen the HP world crossed over with every anime under the sun... And no one ever thought of PotC? o.O

I'd much rather read this if written than, say, Neville/James Jr (they're already writing it *shudders*).