July 27th, 2007


Good times are nearly over

Tomorrow my parents come back from Puglia.
I'm dreading it.
I felt like these 2 weeks flew away from me, I had a great time with friends, HP, and even the relatives' fussing was bearable.
And now... I'm not ready to deal with my parents again, their moods and the stress that comes with dealing with them.

To make mater worse, the infamous aunt from Puglia asked them to pick her up and bring her to Milan with them. Of course that will mean suffer through the journey with her son too.
They initially planned to make the journay in 2 days since it's long, starting today and reaching middle Italy and stopping for the night.
She screwed up their plans and forced them to make the trip in 1 day, tomorrow.
Add to that the fct that they both can't stand her, and that her son doesn't know the meaning of 'keeping quiet' and you get the picture of the kind of parents I'll get home tomorrow night.

Help me ;__________;