August 3rd, 2007


Back from Liguria to...LJ Hell?

My Liguria vacation is over, I got back around 7PM. Part of me wants to go back, dealing with one parents alone is a lot better than getting them combined, even someone as stressful as my mother can be.
She was fine until we touched Milan land again... since then it's been a non-stop litany of complaints about me keeping my bedroom window closed (wtf?!) and 'Turns off the ventilatore already, there's dust in your room!' o.O?

Parents aside, The Cinque Terre were beautiful, really tiring but totally worth it.
Wish I could have taken more pics. Maybe I'll upload some of the ones I took.

Now, onto more pressing matters.
What the HELL is happening on LJ?! AGAIN?!?
I'm smelling a pattern here...last time this happened I was in Riccione with my mother...
This evening I come home, open LJ looking forward to catching up with friends and reading some good fics and what I see instead?
People fleeing LJ, moving to other services... I'M FREAKING OUT.
I'm spending the evening saving entries from communities I'm afraid might be closing if the mods words are anything to go by...

I'm afraid I'll go to sleep tonight and when I'll open internet again my LJ world will be gone.

I don't know what to do.
Should I move to?
And more importantly, where?
Can fandom move together in a new place or will we end up separated and scattered?
I can't bear the thought....