August 15th, 2007



I just finished reading 'The Testing of Daydream Charms' by shaggydogstail ... Oh, how I missed reading her fics XD

I'm so glad I saved the reading till now, it was exactly what I needed after the infamous lunch with relatives... mother has been insufferable since we got home -_-

If you haven't read it already, do so!
It's been recced everywhere already, but in case you haven't seen it, here it is: The Testing of Daydream Charms.

Layout Work... I'm an idiot.

I just spent a great deal of my time (read: my entire evening) tweaking and modifying my Greatest Journal's layout.
And now I ask myself: WHY?

At first I started doing it with the thought in mind that this is my least visited/used journal, so if I screwed it up the damage would be contained.
But then it started working well, I liked it.
So I perfectioned it, added general links, communities links, friends links, quotes...
And now it's done. And it looks better than all my other journal layouts. CRAP.

I can't use it on LJ cause I'd feel bad: it's a general layout by gawariel while right now I'm using one made especially for me by Lexi.
And I don't want to use it on Journal Fen cause I wanted a somewhat fanish layout over there...

I'm such a silly cow -_-

Anyway, if you want to see said layout it's HERE