August 30th, 2007


Mom left

Just got back from the train station.
We saw mom off, she and my cousin Gaia are going to Florence for 3 days. Boo.
I have to study so I couldn't go... . *pout*
Hope mom will behave and not embarrass herself, esp. in front of her nephew -_-

This mean 2 night of peace for me and dad.... Ahhh! *sigh contently*
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I got the glasses!

The new glasses arrived!
I went to get them about 2 hours ago.... eeeeeehhh!!!
I like them :D
I'm wearing it now to get used to them, as I anticipated I've got a bit of a headache, they're probably a bit stronger (I got nausea as well O.O could it be related?)

I know I look like a dork with them, but for tonight I don't care :P
I just like them!
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