September 3rd, 2007


Avant Browser, where have you been all my life?

Since I switched to a laptop I've been suing Internet Explorer 7.0.
I was addicted to Firefox and the switch was hard. But I couldn't get to install Firefox properly, I even brought the notebook in to look at and in order to install it I'd have to reset the whole hard disk. Big nono.
So I got used to IE 7 eventually.
And Sat came the revelation: through a CNET newsletter I followed a debate on which browser is better, and among other I saw Avant Browser mentioned.
I liked the characteristic listen and downloaded it out of curiosity.
Boy, the surprise...

It's basically an hybrid between IE 7 and Firefox. You've got your browsing with tabs but also different themes (still scarce, but I trust more will come eventually) and most of all I can close the browser with any number of tabs open and at the next opening it gives me the chance to reopen them all or even pick what to open and what not...
I won't have to go crazy browsing the History from the day before anymore!
Let me hear for Avant Browser!! YEAH!!!

Milan - Fiorentina

I was ready to come in here and gush about this and that, but damn them to hell... I'll get the rant part out first, and the pretties report later.

Fucking stupid referee, I've never seen such blatant favoritism! You can tell Juventus is back in serie A, bastard.
And between Mutu perpetually on the ground and Kuzmanović and Pasqual doing fools left and right and getting the Milan players called like it was their fault... I'm all a bundle of nerves. Fucking Fiorentina.
Not to mention his coach, Prandelli. He reminds me too much of Mancini *puke*
In the end, we finished 1-1.

Dida finally did something good. He saved a couple of balls that should have been in. My precious *kiss his bald head*
That goal was Ambrosini's fault as well, he freaking handed the ball to the other team -_-

Gilardino... he made me hurt, so much.
He's painful to watch, his form is worst than last year's. Some of the balls he missed... and he managed to fall flat on his ass by slipping on the grass, on his own -_-
I feel so bad for him. He's such a nice guy, and nice players. The fairest of them all, and because of this everyone gangs up on him. I lost count of how many men around me were shouting at him to freaking learn to elbow someone every once in a while.

And I have to say, Pippo missed the same kind of balls, made the same mistakes. But no one booed him the way they booed Gila. It's not fair.
*hugs Gila*
Seriously, I'm feeling SO bad for him :(
Some of the rumors I heard I don't like: people are talking of a switch between Gilardino and Adriano... No. Please, NO.

Oddo *________________*
Oh, how shiny he was.... He did some spectacular dribbling, he gave his heart. I love Cafù, but stupid Ancelotti for taking Oddo out!

Ambrosini and Pirlo were their usual good self, but they could have made the difference if they'd done more. Pirlo's kicks always end high on the door -_-

Is there some sort of feud between Mutu and Gattuso?
They spent the game at each other's throat O_O
I marvel at the fact Gattuso managed to escape a yellow card with that referee...
The game started with a fool between them. I turned to my dad and said 'This game is gonna end with the teams beating each other up'.
I hate that I was almost right.
There was some huge tension in the end, I missed the incident cause I was looking at Dida calling the paramedics for Kuzmanovic (the bastard was pulling Pirlo by the shirt the minute he was up again. And the referee let him).
All I know is that I turned and there were Pirlo, Gattuso, Seedorf and EVEN KAKA' yelling at some Fiorentina players, and they were yelling back, in each other's faces. I seriously thought someone was gonna end punched.
After the referee called order Kakà and another player kept going at it.
To provoke HIM in such a way... you can tell what kind of team we faced.

Oh, and their fans were marvelous. Started booing the players during WARM UP.
Never seen such a behavior. And through the game it was a never ending chant of 'MILAN VAFFANCULO'.

I was let down.
I was excited to see Fiorentina, I respected them.
Such a shame.